Being led astray in the forest

MiskasHave you ever gone astray in a dark forest? The nightmare begins when you realize that you don’t know where you are and which way to take. What is more, you start hearing something rustling in the bushes and this makes you scared even more…
The participants are divided into 3 smaller groups. All the groups are taken to the forest and at a cetrain place the first group is left alone. Later the other groups are also left in different places. And then the game begins. The groups have to do exciting tasks requiring stamina, cleverness and quick reaction. The main task is to find the way home.
This is a great opportunity to improve your teamwork skills and to celebrate something in an unusual way.
We guarantee a huge dose of adrenaline!

Time: at night;
Duration: ~ 3 hour;
Season: all year
Group: 12-27 persons;
Individual group: up to 12 persons – 348 Lt. For each additional person – 29 Lt.
Note: Tours in foreign language we organize just for individual groups. You need to order by phone or e-mail.

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