Cathedral Basilica

  • Katedros a. 1, Vilnius

0a4d638674ba0a2ca67e7fbdb0e67cff Vilnius Cathedral building is an oblong rectangular, symmetrical compositions of Gothic (the main part of the building masonry), Baroque (St. Casimir’s Chapel and Valavičius) style features. Lawrence Stuoka-Gucevičius reconstructed Cathedral – a magnificent, harmonious and monumental classical style basilica with three naves building in the middle is wider and two narrower side. Naves separated by pillars and covered with cross-vaults.

Cathedral interior spatial structure of Gothic, but the interior decoration of the Classical style. Lawrence Gucevičius initiator noble and clear architecture of the temple was reflected in the Age of Enlightenment acceptable religion – a moderate, intelligent, educating civic virtues. Cathedral interior space divides into three naves massive pillars, walls breaks Doric order pilasters, including intrusion side chapels portals with triangular frontonėliais. Sanctuary ceiling brightens laurel wreaths decorated vaults and arches decorated with rosettes. The eastern wall of the Cathedral altar installed in the portal echoes of classical architecture, the timpani of divine providence sign (eye) at the top – Crucified (1805 m.).

Cathedral of eleven chapels on the sides, the sacristy, two side entrances in the southern and northern side of the portico and the West. The eastern part of the symmetrical structure built St. Casimir chapel and sacristy domes with lanterns. Both sides of the cathedral’s architects built the colonnade of St. frieze extends. Casimir chapel and sacristy frieze motif, thus these structures joining the new department.

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