Adam Mickiewicz Museum

  • Bernardinų str. 11, Vilnius
  • +370 5 261 8836

Exact Museum Bernardimickevi3 ne Streets creation date is not known. The museum until 1863. rebellion could exist legally, then to be known only to a narrow circle of people, so that time is not mentioned in the press. The earliest we reached the museum’s existence is a fact in 1899. Lvov Vladislav upon culmination Belz (Piast pseudonym), the album’s 17th illustration with the words room in Vilnius, which was written back. “No. Uzembla wrote that “it’s a pretty big patalpėlė with a wooden gallery in the courtyard outgoing characteristic two windows. It is likely that the museum could be set up in 1898 – Adam Mickiewicz hundredth birth anniversary. “Kwartalnik Litewski editor and publisher Jan Obst 1911. Bernadine bought the premises in the street and there accumulated material on the Adam Mickiewicz.
Vilnius University Museum of 1955. The most important exhibits of the museum is the Adam Mickiewicz personal items: table, chair and seat, the poet enjoyed living in Kaunas and Paris. Supporting the Polish patrons now restored Gothic Poetry Hall situated in the basement, ground floor, room set up in Philomath.

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